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because.app is a structured online discussion platform for groups to make decisions that are consulted, reflected and critically assessed by all

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bcause.app unleashes the power of collective reasoning and sense making to enable sound judgments, and wiser decision and actions.

Our goal is facilitating critical thinking in all areas of public deliberation (in the enterprise, your local community, and in which organisations you work, learn or advocate).

With the support of bcause.app individuals and groups can engage in a journey of personal and collective inquiry to better inform their decision and actions.


This journey consists of 4 steps:

Explore & Examine

Gather and Marshal pertinent information and evidence and Recognise unstated Assumptions and Values (including your own)


Appraise Evidence and Evaluate arguments by discussing them with others; to test thinking, ideas, solutions, and develop co-created conclusion and generalisation.


Use personal and collective analytics to help you reconstruct and re-examine patterns of personal and collective believes, identify manipulations, that may change your views/thinking on the problem.  Such a change in thinking would hopefully leads to a change in motivation, and, ultimately, a change in action.


Make decisions based on the assessment of rational arguments and sound evidence, rather than manipulation. Co-construct these decisions with others with a process of open structured dialogue and deliberation.

bcause.app is still under development, if you are interested in being involved in the initial prototype testing phase please contact us via the form below. All feedback submitted will help us to shape this technology.

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