The proposed solution

To transcend these limitations, the bcause project will develop a powerful new tool ( for enabling accessible, structured and decentralized deliberation, and then evaluate it in a series of controlled and practical experiments.

We propose an approach that combines three main innovations:


Low cost Argumentation Structuring


Distinctive use of Automated Discourse Analysis and Advanced Visualisations


Decentralised Anonymous Reputation will result in an online discussion technology that is equally accessible but higher quality than common social media, in that it provides an analytic engine to identify and intervene on emerging bias and improve the overall quality of the communication.

The discussion environment will also provide a secure space for online communication; in that it will use anonymous reputation protocols to promote privacy and decentralisation of dialogue data while at the same time incentivising accountable discussion.

Finally, the new online discussion technology also will enable better informed participation, by providing automated reporting and interactive visualisations to help people making sense, summarise and communicate the state, progress and dynamics of an online debate.